About Us


Katelyn Pease

Katelyn is the owner of Inclusion K9 Training and got her start in dog training nearly a decade ago with her own difficult dog. Before the trouble started, she had so many dreams and plans to take her dog everywhere with her. She could see them hanging out at the park together, sitting at a coffee shop, going to friend’s houses to play with their dogs, and having dinner at an outdoor restaurant.

She immediately enrolled in a puppy class and after graduating from that, went to a group class. Her adolescent dog started to become reactive, and eventually, her inability to control it got her dismissed from that group class permanently.

He also started to become aggressive toward her over his food. She spent almost a year working with several different private trainers. In between working with these trainers, her dog ended up landing a severe bite on a family friend the dog knew well.

Many thousands of dollars later her 100lb reactive American Bulldog, who still couldn’t walk nicely on a leash outside the home, who had already bitten one person, who was food aggressive, had made no progress in any of those things. His obedience was great when there were no distractions or triggers. But, his state of mind never changed, and those problem behaviors were never solved.

Finally, she landed on a trainer who helped her get results and showed her how to make her dog believe in her as a leader. Soon, family and friends wanted to know how they could get results with their dogs, so she started helping them.

Then friends of friends began asking. Katelyn began to realize she had a passion for helping people with their dogs. She mentored under someone for several years until she finally branched off and created Inclusion K9 Training. She doesn’t want her story to be yours. Stop struggling with your dog’s behavior and instead be able to enjoy and INCLUDE them in your life!

She never stops learning and continues to attend different workshops and seminars to learn new techniques and advance her knowledge of dog training.

The most recent workshop she attended was Brian Agnew’s ‘Understanding Your Dog’s Drives’ in Utah in May of 2023.